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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Hoarded God

East of Port Scar there is a heretic temple called the House of Authority. The bearded brotherhood of the House do not worship Urizen, Ahania, or even the rebel gods Urthona or Red Orc, but some unknown deity they refer to as The Hoarded God. The brethren are known for making enigmatic statements about The Hoarded God, such as "I keep my god in the bottom of my chest" and "I keep my god behind me." When asked what this means, the brethren only smile and say no more.

The inquisition of Urizen in Port Scar has made much noise about doing "something" about the cult of the Hoarded God, but so far the Council of the Scarred has held firm to their principle of "Open hostility closes markets." A decade ago, the Fist of the Faith formed a lynch mob to march on the House of Authority with the intent of dragging the brethren from their temple and setting them to the Yoke of Urizen, but returned empty handed and subdued, saying only "the House wasn't there." Since the temple was plainly visible the next day, no one is sure what happened. But those who joined the mob never brought up the subject again.

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