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Thursday, April 23, 2015

State of the PDFs

I've been working on the PDFs, but obviously I've fallen behind. I'll admit, part of it is because I've been distracted by Skyrim, which I recently got. But also, I got bogged down in some layout issues, including redoing the Our Infernal Neighbors PDF to include a table of contents and adding a few graphics to that and to Ranks of the Undead. Also, although I skipped the issue of treasure for infernals, it's a bigger deal for the undead, so I've been thinking about how to address it. A quick line about rough treasure value and typical magical items, or an actual treasure types table? I've gone back and forth on this.

I've also felt overwhelmed by some of the tables, especially the monster reference appendix. I'm considering writing some scripts to automate some things, so that I can just tag something in the text as a monster and run a script to fix the formatting and copy the stat lines to an appendix file. Or describe a table as CSV text and run a script to insert all the stuff about row shading and multicolumn spanning that I've been doing by hand.

However, I started writing this post before Windows took a nosedive, possibly because an update it installed last night hosed the MBR. CHKDSK currently says it will be finished in 346 hours, 37 minutes and 17 seconds. So, I probably won't be playing Skyrim or working on the PDFs for a little while.

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