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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Looking Forward from 2018 to 2019

I posted about what was popular on my blog in 2018, but it’s a bit long, and doesn’t say what I plan to do with that info. Here’s the summary:
  • Maps, dungeons and geomorphs are the big thing on my blog.
    Part of this is probably random. I think maps and dungeons in general are in high demand, so some people are arriving at my blog after looking for those. Hexcrawl is also a hot topic lately, and some people are following links from various hexcrawl discussion threads. I’d link past interest in the dungeon shorthand series also falls in this category.
  • Clerics Without Spells is an enduring favorite
    Clerics Without Spells, and perhaps related simplified class and character material, gets a lot of draw here. I think this is the number one thing people come to my blog for, as opposed to a random blog that just happens to be mine.
  • Last-Minute GM is a potential "next big thing"
    I don’t think people are really coming here looking for LMGM, but it’s something people check out. On-the-fly GM tricks could be something people want more of.
What I should do, then, is raise the priority of map-related projects as well as my plans for Clerics Without Spells. Clean up the Maps and LMGM pages, at the very least. Plan to do at least one dungeon a month. Get the wilderness generation tables into a nicer, more usable form.

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