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Friday, January 11, 2019

2018 Blog Year in Review

I forgot to do my year-end review of my blog, which I usually do on the 31st. Time to do that now, starting with the top ten all-time posts from the Blogger control panel.
  1. Clerics Without Spells
  2. Dungeon Shorthand: A Quick Reprise
  3. Shield Rule
  4. Classifying the World
  5. Legendary Weapons
  6. Dungeon Shorthand Addendum
  7. Liber 3d6
  8. Weapon Damage Tables
  9. Reaction Table Combat
  10. Lawful Stupid
No surprise that Clerics Without Spells is still on top. That page gets views every week. I had to refresh my memory on the Shield Rule post. It turned out to be a house rule that still sounds pretty good three years later.

For the top ten posts of 2018, I needed to use Google Analytics instead. Excluding the home page, they were:
  1. geomorph label
  2. Maps page
  3. Clerics Without Spells
  4. lmgm label
  5. Random Subhex Wilderness-Generation PDF
  6. Reaction Table Combat
  7. Old School Player Manifesto
  8. Random Hexless Terrain Tables
  9. LMGM page
  10. Links page
I think that gives me a better idea of what is really popular on my site currently and what I need to focus on. I’ve been meaning to rework the links page (it was supposed to be my blogroll and offsite links, rather than internal links.) And a lot of people are coming here looking for the Last Minute GM and for maps/geomorphs, so those pages need to be improved.

Skipping the search labels and secondary pages for a moment, here are the rest of the top ten articles for 2018.
  1. Thief Skills as Surprise: Stealth
  2. More on Clerics Without Spells
  3. Multiple Attacks for Fighters
  4. Last Minute GM: 20-sided Quickies
  5. Q&D Poison and Venom Effects
It makes sense that the follow-up to Clerics Without Spells also got some views. It’s a good thing I’m planning to do something with all of that. The others are all 2018 articles except for the 20-sided Quickies, which is still getting views eight years later. Assuming people weren’t looking for something risqué and stumbled across my site by accident, I may have to look at that drop dice table again and see what I can do to improve it.

The busiest month of 2018 was November, mostly because of the Old School Player’s Manifesto and some related posts. December was the second busiest; the most popular article that month was Last Minute Keys and Locks The third busiest was March, when the Thief Skills as Surprise series was going on.

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