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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

February 2019 Blog Maintenance

Continued the blog renovation project by cleaning up the Last-Minute GM page. Mainly, I added links to the missing dice tools I’ve made as well as to a few sample tables, and linked a couple categories relevant to a couple techniques I have used a lot. It’s by no means complete, but it provides a much better idea of what I mean by “last-minute GMing” and the kinds of things I do here.

I also removed the references to the “upcoming ezine” that never materialized. I was never able to find a satisfactory format for it. Random reprints of cleaned-up LMGM posts from my blog seemed kind of a cheat, and quarterly themed zines seemed kind of daunting … and not entirely zine-like. It also duplicates some of the effort I plan on putting into some future PDFs. So, for now, no more talk about an ezine.

Probably no one has noticed that I’m sticking to a crude schedule on the blog renovation: one page revamped by the end of every month. Did the maps page last month, LMGM this month, and planning to revamp the About page next, which should be pretty quick. The main problem with that page was that I wanted to use it as a contact page, but I can’t turn off comments automatically after 7 days to fight spammers if I do that.

I do have a Twitter, which I only use lightly at the moment, mostly to reply on Minecraft or MST3k/RiffTrax-related threads or post about Star Trek episodes I happen to be watching. Do people even use Twitter for RPG and OSR topics? Should I make that my official contact method?

I suppose I could link to the OSR Discord I’m on, even though I only check it infrequently. Not sure it would be a great primary contact, though.

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