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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Index Card Character Sheet

I thought for sure I'd already posted a concept for a character sheet that fits on an index card. But I can't find a copy anywhere. So I made a minimalist one.

The idea is to only put things that need to be accessed quickly on the card, and in particular to leave things like equipment and spells for other cards. The character's backpack and any large sacks carried would each be their own index card, with contents listed. Each spellbook would be a separate card as well and would be set to one side during an adventure unless taken along. A piece of scratch paper or another index card would list currently memorized spells. Only armor, weapons, and loose items carried in hand or tucked into a belt would be listed directly on the main card.

The Name and Race/Class labels are faint so that the player can simply write over them, like this:
The race and class level title are written together as a sobriquet. The literal class could be written in parentheses at the end, if it's not clear from the level title. "Year Born" does not need to be written down unless it's not obvious from the age, for example if the character is Rip Van Winkel or Sleeping Beauty.


  1. This is how they should design characters sheets. With sections of related data.

  2. This is serendipitous since I’ve been thinking hard about literally this same thing this week.

    Happy Friday, happy March

    1. I seem to recall people talking briefly about character sheets vs. index cards over the past week or two. I remember posting a comment mentioning my preference for index cards.