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Monday, March 11, 2019

Mineshaft Geomorph Series: MINE-01 and MINE-02

Time to start doing geomorphs again.

I’m re-learning my process and looking for ways to improve it. I also have new ideas for presentation. I will still be focusing on features, but will also be looking at themes. So, the latest geomorph project is mines. The eventual plan is to have 20+ basic geomorphs that fit the theme and 6+ special geomorphs with unusual features. Production codes will be four characters (in this case, “MINE”) followed by a two-digit number, plus a lowercase e, q, or x for edge pieces (5x10,) quarters (5x5,) or special features.

Here are two geomorphs to start out the new series. I’m taking it slow, starting with very basic designs, although MINE-01 does include a hole in the floor of an upper level passage looking down into a lower level passage. I’m a little concerned that the support beams look a little cluttered and haven’t decided yet whether to use a shaded fill for the beams, as in MINE-O1, or outlines with no fill, as in MINE-O2, or even just use smaller 1mm strokes like I use for the walls. Does anyone have a preference?

(Edit: The 1mm stroke option is now posted as MINE-3 for comparison.)

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