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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Our Undying Publication Schedule

My future publication schedule, with suggestions added courtesy of the Talk to Transformer neural network web toy:
  • Our Undying Neighbors
  • Our Infernal Neighbors
  • Our Spiritual Betters
  • Our Unearthly Benefactors
  • All of Our Neighbors In Heaven
  • Our Exorcists From All Over The World
  • Just Because You’re Alive
  • The Larger Things In The Mirror
  • Don’t Look Back Into The Deep Waters
  • The End of Eternity and The Creation of Everything Else
  • The Evils of Time
  • The Rise of God
  • The Fall of God
  • Other Stuff I’ve Just Been Writing About, but You’ll Have to Read Again
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  1. I don't think I can hold my breath in anticipation for that long, but I will certainly try!! Really love your ideas and am happy to see it out there.

    1. Just to clarify: this isn't a real publication schedule. It's what a neural network thinks my publication schedule will be. This is why I marked it "humor".

    2. Shows what I get for having acute aliteracy that day...