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Friday, May 10, 2019

Wandering Monster: Droplet-Wolves

More material inspired by nonsense from the Transformer neural network website.

Droplet-Wolves (Stealthy Supernatural Predatory Beast)
1 to 6; 2+1 Dice, Light Armor, Move 15, 1+2 dice Damage; ambush, non-locality

Unnatural wolves formed from droplets of water coalescing on the rocky outcroppings near vernal pools or waterfalls. They seem to appear from nowhere, emerging from the watery mist. This sudden manifestation doubles their surprise chances (3+ on 1d6, instead of 5+) and does an extra 1d6 damage on the initial attack, if successful.

Until droplet-wolves coalesce, they are undetectable by normal means. Even spells to detect enemies can’t pinpoint their location, but simply indicate that all the mist in the area is an enemy.

A single good hit (maximum damage on an attack) seems to immediately destroy them, but they re-materialize in a different location 1d6 minutes later, rolling for surprise again.

Because they are water-based supernatural creatures, droplet-wolves take double damage from silver weapons, magical fire attacks, or torches used as weapons.

Their lairs will be strewn with treasure equivalent to a cockatrice or manticore.

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