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Monday, July 22, 2019

Old Tower, New Tower

This week, Map Monday isn't about releasing a new map. It's about work I'm doing on one or more future maps. I've been trying out a different approach to making the towers for the pamphlet dungeons I've been doing. I might make only a little use of it for future pamphlet dungeons, but I plan on doing 2 to 4 towers in the same style as more traditional adventure modules, the idea being that some of the towers adventurers find will have far more going on than can be covered in a pamphlet.

Here's the exterior of the tower with a cross-section.

Interior details are still being worked on, but I have arrow slits, machicolations for the battlements, and small grated windows for air flow (shown here next to a staircase.)

Here's a detail of the doors. Hinges are only on the inside, handles are inside and outside. 

Beds come with a strongbox. There's also a locked version of the strongbox for things like treasure rooms. Still a lot of detail to finish.

Plans are to add a lot more interior detail as well as external features (trees, wagons, boulders, barrels, fire pits) to create a "basic" tower. Elements can be repositioned and structures can be modified to create unique towers for specific documents. I would only need external shots and floor plans for pamphlets, but I could set up various scenes for illustrations in fuller adventure modules.

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