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Monday, July 15, 2019

Spell Stat Table

Wait, did I not do a table for spell stats? I’m finding some, but none seem complete.

Level Range Missile Duration Diameter
1 10 ft 120 feet 2d6 turns 30 feet
2 20 ft 120 feet 2d6 turns 30 feet
3 30 ft 240 feet 4d6 turns 30 feet
4 40 ft 240 feet 4d6 turns 60 feet
5 50 ft 360 feet 6d6 turns 60 feet
6 60 ft 360 feet 6d6 turns 60 feet

First two columns are for range. For missile spells, use the second column, obviously. Also use this for feet/turn for movement spells like Fly, or for the distance limit for a spell already in effect (Levitation thus has a 20 foot range, but target can be levitated 120 feet above the caster.)

Duration time units depend on nature of spell. Turns are combat turns (rounds) or ten-minute turns, depending on whether spell is intended for combat. Some effects that make more sense if they last hours or days would use those time units instead.

Diameter is used for area of effect, for example Fireball.

You can use this plus a basic concept of what the spell is supposed to do to improvise the vast majority of spells.

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