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Monday, September 2, 2019

August 2019 Blog Maintenance, September Plans

I’m taking a break from Map Monday this week, although I’m creating a few things in the background for next week’s map. Blog maintenance completed in August:
  • Added an urban tag for the new urban geomorphs
  • Added an lzref tag for Liber Zero Reference Sheets
  • Added a Liber Zero page
The tags might help some people out, but really they are for my reference. I’ve had so much trouble tracking down old features I did that I’ve decided to create unique tags for every series of posts I do. The Liber Zero page is still under construction, but basically explains what LZ is about and will collect the links to the reference sheets and eventually the expansion projects. I started up on Liber Zero again not only because of the recent discussion about its status, but also because I’m going to need the reference sheets for the big non-Liber Zero projects like Our Undying Neighbors (which is still behind schedule, just to let you know.)

I completed one pamphlet dungeon and two urban geomorph pamphlets in August. Technically, I said I would do 2 to 3 pamphlet dungeons, but that was before I decided to do the urban geomorphs, which also count as pamphlet maps, so I hit that goal. I also completed the first pamphlet-sized Liber Zero Reference Sheet, which was not originally part of my plans, but… well, see the previous paragraph.

Plans for September:
  • Two Map Monday releases
  • Behind-the-scenes work on a larger dungeon for October
  • A couple more LZ reference sheets (already have one almost finished, so expect that this Thursday)
  • Writing on the big project(s)
Can I make Our Undying Neighbors a Hallowe’en release? I wish I could promise that, but I won’t. I’ll give it a try, though, because a PDF about the undead would certainly fit the season.

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