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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Blog Topic Icons, Version 2

I found a way to keep those blog topic icons more uniform. Very tedious, but it works. And so, here are the (final?) versions of the first batch of icons and their meaning.

Adventure Map Downloads

For larger adventures, for example the Hag Pits of Viper Marsh and Green Bard of the Twisted Wood. This will be the graphic on a new page for adventure maps, with basic descriptions of the adventures.
Dungeon Pamphlet Downloads

For any adventure in the pamphlet dungeon format, for example the dungeon expanders and the Watchtowers of the Golden Hills dungeons. These will be collected on a pamphlet dungeon page.
Geomorph Collection Downloads

For all the geomorphs. I haven't quite decided yet whether the geomorphs will get their own page, or whether I'll just put this graphic in the geomorph section of the current Maps page. I might create a separated page if I do some more geomorph experiments.

Liber Zero Reference Sheet Downloads

For the Liber Zero Player and Gamemaster Reference Sheets, of course. Currently, those are all pamphlets, except for some unlinked strays, but if this changes, I'll keep them all on the same page, which may be the main LZ page.
Map Downloads

For all the maps of any kind: the big adventures, the one-page dungeons, the pamphlet dungeons, the town maps, and the various geomorphs. I will be adding this graphic to the current Maps page.
Modular Dungeon Downloads

This is for a series I started once which I may get back into again: rooms and dungeon features meant to be plugged into an existing dungeon, almost like a keyed geomorph. Unclear yet whether this will be on its own page.
PDF Downloads

For PDFs. So, pretty much all the downloads, unless I started doing something else? I may do a PDF page, but it would basically just have links to the more specific pages. However, I do have some other plans where I might need this.
Tower Dungeon Downloads

For the Watchtowers of the Golden Hills dungeon pamphlets, of course. This graphic will be on the pamphlet dungeons page, when I create it. I doubt I'm going to split the tower pamphlets off into their own page.
Town Map Pamphlet Downloads

For both the Instant Village pamphlets and the Urban Geomorph pamphlets. I'm tempted to make another icon for town maps that aren't in pamphlet form and use both icons on a single Town Maps page.

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