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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Liber Zero General Abilities Reference Sheet (PDF)

Today’s Liber Zero offering is the General Abilities Player Reference Sheet PDF. What are “general abilities”? The six standard ability scores, basically, although I include hints that GMs can add other abilities as well. I call them “general abilities” to distinguish them from class abilities or trained abilities. They are the abilities that everyone in general has.

Features of this reference sheet are:
  • A brief run-down of what the various abilities mean. More detailed than the summary on the back of other reference sheets, but still short.
  • Tables that show ability ratings and time adjustments.
  • Explanation of how ability scores are used, focusing on the “high scores mean skipping dice rolls” approach, but with a mention of the optional “add ability score bonus”.
I’m torn over whether I should create individual reference pamphlets for each ability, or whether I should save that for a GM reference booklet.

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