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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Wandering Monster: Ghostly Wight

In the Cryptic Catacombs pamphlet I released on Monday, I added unique new undead to two specific rooms. But of course, a pamphlet dungeon is a very tight space, and so my room key just says “use the same stats as this monster, but change one stat.” But they deserve more detail! Especially during Hallowe’en!
So here’s a more detailed write-up of the first new undead: the Ghostly Wight!

Ghostly Wight (Hateful Ghostly Undead Humanoid)
1 to 3; 3+2 Dice, Heavy Armor, Move 9, 1+3 dice Damage, ethereal, life drain, undead immunities

A Ghostly Wight is a hate-filled spirit, similar to but weaker than a specter. Ghostly Wights are what’s left over after a moderately strong corporeal undead has rotted away to dust, but is still bound to a location, usually by a divine curse. They are frequently bound to altars or sacred spots as guardian spirits.

Ghostly Wights are partially ethereal and can pass through solid matter, but cannot turn invisible. Their wispy forms are still difficult to see, giving them an advantage on surprise (double surprise chance, or roll twice and take the best result.) They are unable to fly as a Specter does, but can leap twice as far as a human being and do not take damage from a fall.

The chilling touch of a Ghostly Wight drains one level, exactly as for an ordinary Wight. Because of its ghostly form, a Ghostly Wight is harder to hit than ordinary walking corpses. It also takes half damage from ordinary weapons and attacks, but full damage from silver and magic weapons. It has the standard undead immunities to sleep and charm, has no need for food, water, or air, and flees the sunlight.

Ghostly Wights have the same treasure as other Wights, but with an extra 1 to 3 magic scrolls.

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