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Monday, October 7, 2019

Cryptic Catacombs Dungeon Expander Pamphlet PDF

Another pamphlet in the 9 and 30 Dungeon Expanders series is up! And this time, it’s spooky!

Cryptic Catacombs is an undead-themed dungeon expansion. It’s compatible with my other Dungeon Expanders, the generic towers in my tower series, or … well, anything, really. Connect this to any staircase or ladder and use this to start an instant dungeon or expand an existing one. Oh, and although the main monster encounter list has only four undead typed, I slipped in two new bonus undead.

I avoided doing a crypt-themed pamphlet (although I did slip in one generic crypt in the first expander) because I wanted to push myself out of the obvious zone. But now it’s October, and in the generous spirit of Hallowe’en, I just had to do some undead. The style has changed a little (used SketchUp to create the base levels, instead of starting in InkScape.)

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