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Monday, December 23, 2019

Quick Recommendation: The Witcher (Netflix)

No real substantial post today. It's the holiday season, and I have other concerns this week. I will mention, though, that I've been watching the new Netflix series The Witcher. Of course, since I've never read the books or played the video games, only watched a couple let's plays, my experience is perhaps not going to be the same as all of you.

I told some other people the series is like if Supernatural married Xena Warrior Princess and had a kid who dressed like Game of Thrones but really liked listening to Clannad and The Chieftains. That's perhaps a goofy way to put it, but it gives people some idea of what to expect. I like it, but there's a major problem I've seen in some recent tv shows: they are telling a non-linear story and not doing a great job. I didn't figure out until the second or third episode that most of the scenes are in the past, while a few are in the present. It wasn't until they showed someone I thought was dead that I knew what was going on. I think pretty much everything with Geralt is in the past, but slowly getting closer to the present day events involving the Nilfgard war. So, they are basically telling you all the things that lead up to the war, while also showing you how the war is playing out.

I may have some game-related follow-ups to this post. Yes, I know that the series basically started as someone writing about his D&D character, but I have other things to say.

Anyways, there will be no post until Thursday, the day after Christmas, so I'll wish everyone merry Christmas and happy holidays now.

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