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Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019 Blog Year in Review

Time for my yearly look back at what happened on the blog, starting with the top ten all-time posts.
  1. Clerics Without Spells
  2. Dungeon Shorthand: A Quick Reprise
  3. Shield Rule
  4. Classifying the World
  5. Legendary Weapons
  6. Dungeon Shorthand Addendum
  7. Liber 3d6
  8. Weapon Damage Tables
  9. Index Card Character Sheet
  10. Reaction Table Combat
The big change here was that a 2019 post, “Index Card Character Sheet”, pushed “Reaction Table Combat” down to the number 10 spot, knocking “Lawful Stupid” out of the list. Also worth noting is that the permanent Maps page got about 50% more views than “Clerics Without Spells”, and two other permanent pages, LMGM and Links/Tags, are ahead of “Dungeon Shorthand”.

Top ten pages of 2019, excluding the home page but including permanent pages, are:
  1. geomorph label
  2. Maps page
  3. Clerics Without Spells
  4. LMGM page
  5. Random Subhex Wilderness Generation
  6. Town and City Block Tool
  7. Dungeon Module Design
  8. Index Card Character Sheet
  9. Resources page
  10. Hag Pits of Viper Marsh
There are some discrepancies between this list, compiled with Google Analytics, and the all-time list, compiled from Blogger’s control panel. I suspect Blogger is inaccurate, but I’m not sure why.

Top ten posts, excluding permanent pages and labels, are:
  1. Clerics Without Spells
  2. Random Subhex Wilderness Generation
  3. Town and City Block Tool
  4. Dungeon Module Design
  5. Index Card Character Sheet
  6. Hag Pits of Viper Marsh
  7. Generic Bandit Tower Pamphlet Dungeon PDF
  8. Sketchbox Dice Tool: Temporary Instructions
  9. Is This Metagaming?
  10. Ability Checks Are The Devil
The busiest months of 2019 were:
  1. March
  2. July
  3. August
  4. April
  5. May
March 2019 was when I was working the most on city street mapping, I believe. July was the start of the Dungeon Expander pamphlet series. August had a lot going on; I’d like to think part of the traffic was because this was when the first Liber Zero pamphlet PDFs came out, but it was also the month of my post on Lankhmar, City of Adventure and a couple popular rants.

I’ll have 2020 plans post next week, but in between now and then I might do a follow-up analysis post.

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