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Monday, January 27, 2020

Blog Post of Note: Rethinking clerics and religion, part 1

I have a couple posts in the works, but thought I should direct people to this post instead on the Sword of Mass Destruction blog.

Sword of Mass Destruction: Rethinking clerics and religion, part 1

There are some points where I might disagree, but that's mostly because I think of religion in terms of structural anthropology and Indo-European studies (Georges Dumézil and the like.) It's not relevant to the topic, which is how to design religions for your D&D game. Of course, rather than going through a checklist like this, my approach would be more like "take two or three actual historical cults and merge them, change the names, and add a little spice to make it feel unique." But you still need to keep things like this in mind when looking for cults to borrow.


  1. To wit, how much of a fantasy religion is necessary to develop before the cleric is 1) milieu immersed and in person immersive and 2) playable by PC or as an NPC?

    1. Well, my answer to this is the same as my answer to a lot of things. "Do it during play."