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Friday, June 12, 2020

I Complain About Blogger

Blogger is about to force everyone to use a new interface, so they suggested that everyone try it out for a while as preparation. There's at least one major flaw: When you go to the Comments section of your control panel, Blogger shows you all the comments, including everything in your spam folder

This is monumentally stupid design. When I mark a comment as spam, it's for two reasons:
  1. To mark it as training data for a spam filter, and
  2. To send it somewhere so no one has to look at it.
Now, Reason #1 is apparently a joke, because I haven't seen Blogger filter out spam in years, but hey, maybe they will, one of these days. But at least I didn't have to look at it anymore in the old interface. But the new interface shows ALL comments as a default, and you have to manually select "Published" comments each time you use the interface, so basically there's zero reason to even have a "Mark As Spam" feature. It's obviously better to just delete spam manually.

There may be other major flaws, but I haven't used every single feature yet. I have other dislikes, but those aren't objectively worse features, just subjective experiences. I've only noticed one improvement, but it's something that only matters to someone like me who uses StackEdit for posting on Blogger, so I can't say I'd recommend the new interface to anyone else.


  1. I'll be honest it's not the only problem with the new interface. I checked it out and went back to the old one pretty fast. IDK why they are changing, I feel the current one is really good for the amount of knowledge needed to make it work.

    1. There's lots of things I don't like but didn't mention, because I figured there's no way to argue that they were objectively bad. But there is one other that might be: the way posts are filtered by label. Both interfaces use a drop-down list to select the label to filter, but the new interface chose to ... uh... not label it. Took me a bit of time to find it.

      Supposedly, they are changing the interface to make it easier to use on mobile, but that would actually make it harder to use on mobile, since there is no "hover text" option on a touchscreen device. But since this is actually a stupid design decision used on many mobile apps, I'm not sure I can blame the Blogger team for this.

  2. I haven't check out the new version. Showing all comments. Even spam. Arg. I battle those bastards all the time. I don't want to give them anymore time than I have to get them removed.

  3. I’m still surprised that blogger keeps chugging along. I imagine that development team in the basement supply closet office, fighting over the one red stapler.