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Monday, February 1, 2010

MegaDungeon: WOOD-1

Another addition to the example dungeon using principles from the megadungeon training series. This one is called the slave mines. As a reminder: the label "WOOD-1" does not mean that the region has anything to do with things made of wood, it's the leximorph used to provide structure for the region. I placed the treasures in areas 3 and 15 first; area 3's treasure is kind of open-ended, although I'd probably give a 1 in 6 chance of running out of gems; a couple hours of hard labor might restore the gem stream. This, plus the fact that I rolled really well for treasure placement and upped the base value for this region, means that WOOD-1 is more lucrative than LEXI-1.

The unique monsters and magic item were improvised using the simplified system in this post with a lot of leeway for interpretation. I like the sage spider; it's not really dangerous, but adds a lot of color. A non-vocal spider crawls towards you, bows, and gestures that it likes your magic scroll? The magic medallion, although seemingly boring, is probably the best find; adventurers might not care for it, but it's probably worth hundreds of gold pieces to the right person.


  1. Nice one, great monsters, I especially like the entombment ants. I might have a try at a random leximorph using a bag of scrabble letters.

  2. When I rolled for the ability of a bug variant and got "Carry", I thought of bugs that carry stuff somewhere... but I already had hoard crawlers carrying treasure to their nests, so I decided to vary it by having critters carry stuff they can build with. It seemed like a good counterpoint to the boar-tusked jackals digging new tunnels.

    I'm watching your blog, so if you post your leximorphic dungeon, I'll link to it.