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Monday, March 15, 2010

20-sided Quickies

I'm sure some of you want a more varied table than the quickie table of four entries in three categories. So here's a 14-entry table. Roll 2 or 3 d20s as appropriate for each formula and read left to right as X Y and Z.

1a Barbarian wearing bone Armor
2a Dwarf digging through an earthen Wall
3a Jester sharpening a wooden Tool
4a Fisherman filling a glass Flask
5a Lord/Lady lighting an oil Lantern
6-7a Warrior attacking with an iron Blade
8-10a Peasant carrying a clay pot of Grain
11-13a Tradesman making a water Barrel
14-15a Scholar orating from a parchment Scroll
16a Slave repairing a leather Shield
17a Merchant selling bloody Meat
18a Knight removing a silver Helmet
19a Giant throwing golden Net
20a Rogue hanging from a silken Rope

First bold word in a line is a Person or Profession, followed by a plain-text Activity; last bold word is an Object, preceded by an italic Material.

(I included Dwarf and Giant on this main list because they could be interpreted as either fantasy races or abnormal humans.)

If a match is rolled, re-roll a modifier for each matching position (X, Y or Z). Modifiers can be any of the four categories, depending on what you feel is appropriate, or they can be rolled on an alternative list (I'll save that for a future post.)

Overlaps, as mentioned elsewhere, can be read as combos for one or both positions.

Typical Formulas:
  • urban encounters (2d20): Person X leading group of Person Y.
  • activities of NPCs/creatures (2d20): Activity X performed with/on Object Y.
  • group activities (3d20): Person X performing Activity Y on Person Z.
  • government (3d20): Ruling Class (Person) X controls Activity Y and oppresses Class Z.
  • economics (2d20): principle income from Activity X on/with Item Y.
  • housing (2d20): walls of Material X, roof of Material Y.

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