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Saturday, March 20, 2010


No, not my musings on whether to include half-orcs as a playable race. Instead, a very weird take on a playable race, inspired by a comment on RPGNet.

The Half-Orc is the offspring of an orc and ... nothing. Nada. Zip. Because of this odd parentage, half-orcs have only a semi-existence, which they can exploit to their advantage. At any time, a half-orc can choose to vanish -- not a form of invisibility or ethereality, but total cessation of existence. The half-orc's clothing, armor, and other possessions drop to the ground. To become real again, the half-orc must make a save vs. death (or CON save.) One saving throw is allowed per turn until an hour has passed, after which the half-orc can try again once per day. There is no time limit on re-manifesting, but the half-orc must return to the point of departure, naked, but at the same level and state of healing as when the character vanished.

Half-Orcs progress as Fighters up to a maximum of 8th level. They have an underground directional sense and the ability to set traps (2 in 6.)

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