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Monday, March 29, 2010

Quickie Locales

Here's a quick demo list of some locales rolled up with 2d20 on the Quickie Geography table. Just add a name and flesh out any you wish.

  • (3 7) Tangled + Sand = petrified thickets in a desert; instead of chopping through, use a mace or hammer.
  • (1+20) Rocky/Acid + Ridge/Canyon = a wide canyon with a rocky ridge twisting down the middle of it; the rocks burn exposed skin.
  • (10+11) Dusty/Icy + Hill/Plain = a single hill rising in an otherwise flat, dusty plain; the dust and ice flecks blown in the wind are a minor hazard.
  • (12 12) Icy + Plain, follow-up roll (6 7) Scorching + Fortified = a borderlands fort suffering a recent wave of scorching heat in the middle of an otherwise icy plain.
  • (18 12) Hazy + Plain = flatlands filled with a smokey haze that causes minor breathing problems.
  • (6+16) Hot/Slippery + Sand/Slope = a steep slope leading to the highlands; difficult to climb because of loose sand.

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