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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mapping Wind-Up

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous two posts about mapping. You raised some points to think about. In particular, JDJarvis commented that there's not much point to mapping if the party is going to run through the dungeon once, leave, and never come back. This of course is only possible with smaller dungeons, so it raises the question: has mapping gone out of favor because tent-pole dungeons and mega-dungeons have gone out of favor as well? Is the resurgence of the mega-dungeon going to trigger a "player-mapping renaissance"?

Oh, and for those who missed my request, I'm still looking for a possible resource about cold-war thinking about nuclear options. I'm thinking some of the obvious options are Counter- (or First) Strike, Missile/Civil Defense, Diplomacy, and Espionage/Sabotage. I'm looking for a list something like that, written in '50s or '60s style and thought-patterns.

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  1. Got a group right now exploring one of last years One Page Dungeons, and even though it is only one page, their careful mapping has them on the trail of a secret room.

    If the adventure is encounter based, mapping is not important. If it's a detailed, stress-filled crawl, then it might be.

    Depends on your style and the group dynamic.

    Keep up the good work.