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Friday, June 4, 2010


No major post today, but I've been thinking about ranges, especially since I'm going to need to figure this out before I get around to working on production rules for spell lists. I want ranges that are less numerical, more approximate. Something more like:
  • Close: actually touching or grappling a target.
  • In Reach: adjacent, able to strike with a fist or slap.
  • Nearby: able to reach after taking a couple steps.
  • Room: able to cross in about a minute; also, the area illuminated by a single torch.
  • Field: able to cross in about ten minutes; also, basically the maximum range for missile weapons.
I'm leaning towards "Field" for that last range, although "Building" or "Level" might be appropriate, too, for different reasons. The idea is to judge things like "who can hear this noise" or "how far away can this be seen" in rough terms instead of counting squares/hexes; in other words, dispensing with the grid entirely. If you talk in a normal voice, anyone in the room can understand what you're saying (assuming they speak the language) and anyone outside the room but near a door can hear the sound of talking. If you shout, everyone on the same level (field) can hear some kind of sound, unless behind a closed door.

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