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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last-Minute GM: 20-Sided Quickies

I've put together a first draft of two of the 20-sided quickie tables. Actually, it's all the tables I did, with the monsters and geography condensed into one table. These are still considered rough: I did some re-arranging of entries and may want to change a few. However, if you already have a formula, you can use these tables just fine.

Table I: People, Actions, and Things
Table II: Monsters, Events, and Places

Update: Table II has been altered so that the creature and habitation types are next to each other, allowing the first three columns to be read as "MONSTER in a MODIFIER/EVENT LOCATION".


  1. Cool ... It's been a while - how do the d20 rolls align with the table entries again? Doesn't seem quite lined up in a regular way.

  2. Each die result has two lines worth of entries. The first unshaded line on Table I is more normal, while the second shaded line is more exotic. You can pick which line to read from, decide in advance which to use, or use some other random or mechanical method to determine which to use.

    Table II works the same way, except that the Modifier/Event column and Landform/Water Feature column have modifiers and landforms on the white lines, events and water features on the shaded lines.

  3. You've piqued my interest with table 1. I like that each result is a stream of ideas and that I, as DM, can enter at any point I need during play: a person doing something, an object of a particular material. Thanks for sharing.

  4. @Telecanter: it's a trick to compress multiple tables into one table and also make it potentially memorizable, since each line is a phrase in a set pattern. There are all sorts of different formulas in the original post when I first introduced the table, Eventually, I'll have this cleaned up as a single PDF with both tables, multiple formulas, and examples of use.

  5. Just thought that I'd post that I use these during my CotMA game. A while ago I wanted a random statue. I rolled and got a knight and water so I had him holding a bucket... The bucket ended up having a potion in it... Great stuff! Thanks!