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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clone Project: Class Experience Chart

Revisiting the post about experience points needed per level for each class, I think I have an idea for compressing the information which simultaneously helps make it look less like the original, while still being a near-clone of the results. I'm going with the decision in the last paragraph of that post:
Probably the best answer is to go with Option 3 for Clerics*, but for Magic-Users switch to +20,000/level after 5th, up to 9th level, then +100,000/level thereafter.
* Which is: Clerics require 25% less experience per level than Fighters, but round up to 100,000 xp at 8th level, when the experience required is within 25% of 100,000.

I'm also considering changing the 120,000 xp for 8th level Fighters to 100,000 xp, but I haven't decided if I should go that radical yet.

I can avoid forcing people to do math by preparing this table:

XP Chunk Size
To advance to the next level:
21,000 Clerics need 3 XP chunks
32,000 Fighters need 4 XP chunks
44,000 Magic-Users need 5 XP chunks

Fighters, level 8: 120,000 xp total, +120,000 xp per level thereafter.
Clerics, level 8: 100,000 xp total, +100,000 xp per level thereafter.
Magic-Users, level 5: 20,000 xp total, +20,000 xp per level to 9th.
Magic-Users, level 9: 100,000 xp total, +100,000 xp per level thereafter.

This basically does the math for you. If we pre-divide experience points for each Fighter level into fourths, we can just say that Clerics need three fourths and Magic-Users need 5 fourths.

I might want to use a different terminology than "XP chunk size", though.

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