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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clone Project: Where We Stand Now

Those of you who have been closely following the potential clone project may have noticed that, aside from some tiny little details and maybe some work on broad monster types, I've finished ruminating on the major points of Vol. I and Vol. III and only have some magic item types to work out in Vol. II. I even have a possibility for a safe replacement for the experience table. So does that mean we're done?

No, not really. All the stuff I have done is basically a rough draft for the cloned rules. They need to be reviewed, particularly in comparison to the actual SRD. I'm planning to put together a draft document with a summary of all the rules, with relevant quotes from the SRD inserted in a different color, so that I can closely compare each element to the OGL equivalent and find the areas where I need to be extra careful. There's also the issue of picking a name, plus I have some questions about licensing I'd like to discuss. There's a lot of work left to be done.

That's why I keep referring to it as a potential clone. I won't consider it an actual clone until I have a complete draft document that I'm reasonably confident is non-infringing; then, I will be able to release the draft for review and discussion by others and get to work on a potential publication.

I do think I'll be able to put together some cheat sheets for next week. At least, I should be able to finish the player cheat sheet, which will include tables needed to create a character. It now looks like there will be three cheat sheets total: the player sheet, the GM's session sheet, and the GM's design sheet. I'm not sure how long the rules summary document (which tells how to use the cheat sheets) will turn out to be; maybe 16 to 24 pages, and with any luck, less. If I go all the way and create a full document with examples and rules discussion, it will probably be in the area of 96 to 128 digest-size pages.

So, still a long way to go.


  1. I look forward to seeing it all collected in one place. I find it much easier to read and digest large documents rather than small snippets.

  2. I imagine it's especially hard when those snippets are embedded in discussions about why I think it should be done that way...

    Anyways, thanks for the support! And happy birthday!

  3. John I only just stumbled on this and find your project very interesting. I think that a clone that really captures the unique aspects of the 3LBB's has yet to be done. Instead, primarily we get Moldvay D&D reworked to OD&D rules and written for consumption by preteens - an approach that may have its place, but should not be the only choice for gamers. Do you read the posts on ODD74 forum? There is a wealth of cogent discussion there that is directly relevant to your project. There's also Greyharps reformatted 3LBB's which does an excellent job of reworking the rules into a more coherent presentation.

  4. @Daniel: Thanks! I am not aware of Greyharp's work, but I do have ODD74 bookmarked and check there every once in a while. Checked recently, especially in some older threads, when investigating some elements of the clone project.

    I haven't joined there mainly because I was wasn't sure I would have much to contribute; most of the stuff I've done on this blog before a couple weeks ago was more in the form of OD&D variant rules. I may have to join, though, since other rpg forums I frequent seem to be talking less about the version of the game I'm interested in...

  5. Odd74 is where all of the OD&D thinkers hang out - excepting Trent Foster who sticks to Knights and Knaves. Definetly a forum for you.

    Greyharps reformat is an excellent doc. He does make "clarifications" in a few places but its minimal.

    I have other info regarding the OD&D rules/development in the play test period you might find useful for your project.
    If you join that or any other forum I'm on "Aldarron" just PM me.