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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Geomorph B11: Chasm and Ledge

In case you haven't noticed, I'm gearing up for another big geomorph weekend, bigger than last weekend. I'm trying to finish up the B and S series, do 5 more end pieces in the ES series, and toss in two corners for good measure. This geomorph is another chasm to block the progress of the explorers. The gimmick this time is that one of the south entrances has a stone staircase down to a ledge, which connects by a tunnel to the other southern entrance. This should infuriate anyone overlooking the chasm from one of the other entrances, because they can see an interesting place to go, but can't necessarily reach it. Depending on how you interpret it, they might be able to jump to the ledge from two or three places; if the explorers are in the northeast corner, though, they're out of luck unless they try climbing down, or looking for another way around.


  1. It does seem like it'll generate good reactions. Picturesque and potentially frustrating.

  2. I think this one would be a great place to stage an encounter. Very cool.