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Friday, June 10, 2011

Liber Zero: Treasure Tables

I've been working on prettying up some of the Liber Zero tables and fixing or simplifying some where possible. For example, the treasure tables, which are supposed to deliver results close to the original tables, but which have been a bit too complicated or use too many rolls.

This graphic includes two tables: a unified loot and treasure trove table and a table of associated treasure trove types. "Loot" is the term I'm using for treasure that "belongs" to the dungeon and is therefore not monster-specific; "Troves", on the other hand, are normally only found in wilderness camps or lairs. For loot, roll a d20 five times for each of the following: gold, silver, gems, jewelry, and magic items. Double the result of the die roll for gold and look up the number in the column for that dungeon level; for silver, use the die result as-is, but shift one column to the left and multiply the value from the table by 10 (unless you are already in the "silver" column.) For Dungeon Level 6, treat the level as Level 1, but multiply any treasure values by 10 (so there will be 500 to 3,000 SP and a 50% chance of 100 to 600 GP.) Shift to the right one column for every two levels deeper than Level 6.

Use the Treasure Items column for gems or jewelry, but the d20 result can't be greater than the dungeon level. The number rolled equals the number of gems or jewelry items found; determine the base value (10 x the value from the Dungeon Level 1 column) for each batch of five, then roll 1d6 to 5d6 for the items in that batch: each 1 rolled shifts the value of that gem or piece of jewelry one column to the left, each 6 shifts it one column to the right.

Magic Items are handled the same way as gems, but the die roll can't be greater than half the dungeon level. The number rolled equals the number of times to roll on the magic item table, six times maximum; extra items are maps.

For troves, use two d20 rolls for each coin type (copper, silver, gold); the first roll is a 5 in 20 chance that the coin type will be present, the second roll is the value from the Trove Value column. Each type of trove has a "Favorite Coin", which has double the odds of being present (10 in 20;) furthermore, the odds of gold being found in a hoard are tripled (15 in 20.) For gems, jewelry, and magic items, use a single roll for each with an effective "dungeon level" of 5, doubling this for magic items in an adventurer's trove (the kind bandits like,) or halving it for a cache. Number of magic items equals the d20 result rolled, except for the Individual Items trove type.

There will be optional subtype tables for Adventure's Trove and Cache in alphabetical order, so that the single-letter treasure types in standard resources will have equivalents in the Liber Zero tables; just look it up as the first letter of the trove type or cache subtype.

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