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Monday, June 6, 2011

Liber Zero: XP Tables, Revised

Here are the revised experience level tables for LiberLink Zero.

These are new versions of the tables presented in a previous post. However, as some people thought the previous "unified experience table" was too confusing because of the bonuses by class and level, I separated that table into three tables, one for each class. The base experience for each class is 20% higher than you would expect, because they are based on characters with prime ability scores of 3. Any character with a higher prime ability score gets a bonus on earned experience taken from the greatly simplified Earned Experience Bonus table. The new table eliminates multiplication entirely, other than powers of 10 (which are easy.) So, for example, if your M-U with Int 12 finds 3,264 GP worth of treasure, you add:
  • 100 x the "Normal" bonus from the 30 GP row = 600 xp
  • 10 x the "Normal" bonus from the 20 GP row = 40 xp
  • the "Normal" bonus from the 60 GP row = 12 xp
That's the base 3,264 xp plus a bonus of 652 xp, for a total of 3,916 xp.

I think I'm finally done with experience.

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