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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perverse Intentions

Here is the modified version of the Perverse Polymorpher dice map. What I've done is:
  • Re-colored "caltrop", Elder Sign, and seven-pointed star, to distinguish them from each other;
  • Scootched d4 ring outwards from center, to distinguish the four sections of the ring from each other;
  • Tweaked number positions in all rings;
  • Added minus/plus symbols to two of the d3 regions, for Fudge dice emulation;
  • Added dividers for new text ring (Random Random Table emulation.)
If there are any suggestions, now's the time to make them, because I'll be starting the Perverse Polymorpher document pretty soon. It will have better instructions, including some supporting diagrams like this:

Labeling the rings this way makes the explanations of how to use the tool much clearer, since I can just talk about "the d3 ring" or "the Letter ring" or "section 2 of the d4 ring".

There will also be illustrations how each ring divides the circle into different imaginary regions.

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