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Friday, July 1, 2011

F-Series Geomorphs: Mixed Pits

The next two pit-themed geomorphs have a mix of pit types.

Geomorph F9 has three large pits in a single tunnel; one normal pit, one spiked pit, and one with an exit at the bottom. The exit leads to a corridor on a lower level with two small chambers and stair access back up a level; it also connects to two other regions on this level (east and west, with the default orientation.) The spiked pit blocks access to a door leading to a medium-size chamber. (I'm really enjoying the practice of putting pits in front of obvious doors, to cause players to fret over how to reach the door.) This door perhaps has enough space to open even if it opens outwards.

Geomorph F10 could perhaps be titled "Pitmania". There's a mix of small and large spiked and ordinary pits in an irregular room. The pits are all close together, with walkways between them varying from 5 feet down to one foot. One of the pits has an exit in the bottom, opening ton a small corridor that leads to (1) a couple rooms connected to an L-shaped corridor, and (2) another pit. If adventurers are able to climb out of the second pit, they enter an isolated L-shaped corridor with one medium-sized room.

You know what would make F10 really diabolical? Make the spiked pits invisible, or cover them with balsa wood.

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