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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kobs, Gnobs, Gobs, and Hobs

One example of a hub or special concept area I would -- and probably will -- use for a megadungeon is the goblin market I did about a year ago. I still very much like the idea of twisted creatures not entirely of our world selling twisted wares underground. But remembering this also jogged my memory about a decision I made recently: kobolds, goblins, and hobgoblins should not be separate "species", but sub-varieties of one humanoid type.

Ideas that feed into this:
  • goblin-kind are invaders, usually brought here (or created) by Monster Summoning spells or cursed scrolls;
  • their long-term goal is to bring more of their kind here and overrun the world;
  • they are twisted creatures in behavior and form, with many breeds or sub-races;
  • goblin spell-casters are rare, but goblins as a whole are inherently magical, as in fairy tales; they create magical items as a wizard, but their wares are as twisted as they are.
Given these ideas, I would dump the reptillian kobolds and go with kobold or "koblins" or kobs as a smaller variety of goblin with no magic item creation ability, except maybe potions. Hobgoblins (hobs) are the bigger, tougher variety of goblin, also not known for making magic items, but then they can force ordinary goblins to do that. There'd also be a "gnoblin" ("gnomish goblin") variety that prefers dark, tangled woods to the underworld and makes monstrous crossbreeds instead of magic items. Other goblin varieties would be surprises for those venturing far into goblin territory.

A "goblin level" for a megadungeon I might eventually do would include these regions:
  • the goblin market, only active around the time of the new moon,
  • the goblin warrens, with a couple prominent unique goblins and an entrance to a lower level,
  • the heavily-trapped kobold tunnels, which are a major link between the outer world and underworld,
  • the gnoblin lair, another link located in the deepest part of a forest,
  • the forbidden tunnels known as The Death of Goblins, the lair of some nasty creature.
The second level would have The Goblin-King's Court and the Twisted Labs of a goblin sorcerer, as well as a couple other areas. There would be non-goblin regions on both levels, for variety.

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  1. "Twisted Labs of a goblin sorcerer"

    I like the sound of that. :)