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Monday, October 10, 2011

Crypt of Icy Torments

Map Monday is back (finally!) with a map for the dungeon I've been making using Central Casting: Dungeons: The Crypt of Icy Torments. It's a tomb (and Tomb of Horrors-style dungeon) located in the frozen north, under a hill or mountain. It's not fully keyed, but I included some key information on the map itself.

When rolling on the CC:D tables, the result for the entrance indicated that the doors would be in an inaccessible or difficult to access location and they would be trapped. i decided to combine the two concepts and place double doors to the "real" crypt at the bottom of a covered pit. Thus, this is a split-level dungeon.

This map is a scaled-down version of the final map. For the final key, I plan to have small illustrations showing what each level looks like separately, plus close-ups of a couple areas, mostly traps. For example, this trap in the first catacomb corridor:

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