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Friday, October 28, 2011

Food for Thought

I went out of town last weekend for my nephew's birthday. It always takes me about a week to recover from stuff like that, which should explain the light posting. But I haven't forgotten that I want to do some more posts on dungeon shorthand (I think I have a good use for curly braces now,) some more material on the wizard/sorcerer/psychic concept, and another entry in the "extraplanar creatures revamped for a non-planar cosmology" series.

One little idea in the meantime: what would elves be like in your campaign if elves had the standard level limits, but no special ability other than "train any beast or plant, even if it is normally untrainable"? What kind of culture could you build around that?


  1. Well, I guess I am stating the obvious but they would depend on animals to assist them in all aspects of their lives. They would want to use that ability to its fullest extent, no doubt. So probably every elf would have some sort of animal companion, or multiple companions even. The animals would become tools for all manner of tasks, from farming to war and everything in between.

  2. I'd say that it would also make elves more primal, part of nature, possible even nomadic, moving like herds of animals.

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  4. So they could train dandelions, JK

    I imagine I would create entire elven cultures around unusual animals then.

    Imagine Jungle elves with trained bats and snakes, maybe using crocodiles as pack animals or having an alliance with gorillas (having trained them for better communication).