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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wand Miscibility

Everyone's ranting about the bard today. I may have something to say about them tomorrow, but I just want to do a short post today.

Remember potion miscibility? Here's a crazy idea: what if, when two magic-users fire wands at each other in the same round, you treat it like mixing potions? No 1 in 6 roll to see if it happens; it's a rare enough situation as-is. Just make a reaction roll, and if one wand is supposed to have a reduced or cancelled effect, it's the wand used by the M-U with the lowest Dex.


  1. Or what if a magic-user tried a wand in each hand in a last-ditch effort to save the party?

  2. I was thinking more of a Harry Potter vs. Voldemort situation, but a Ghostbusters "don't cross the streams!" situation works, too.

  3. Try a more general approach: general spellcasting miscibility rules.