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Monday, January 16, 2012

MegaModule: Great Spiral Stair

Another megadungeon module based on an element I used in my local game. This one is a spiral staircase leading down a deep shaft. When I used this originally, the location of the landings was slightly different and there were no wandering monsters, no pool at the bottom, and no visible doors, but the elf found a secret door at the bottom. I've added several doors to this version and the other elements to make it an interesting dungeon entrance, or perhaps a boundary zone between the upper levels of a dungeon and the lower ones below the broken stair. I've also included my jumping rules, in case your players decide to take that risk; mine chose to climb down ropes instead.

Because this version of the spiral stair is mean to be a generic connecting point rather than a themed module, there are no suggestions for surrounding room types, other than a general suggestion that the southern exit should be treated as a sublevel of the southwestern level.

Depths are given relative to the start level, which is connected to the eastern exit. Thus, if the eastern exit leads to the surface (Level 0,) the northwestern exit will connect to Level 1, the southwestern connects to Level 2, the southern exit is Level 2 1/2, and the northern exit is Level 3. I probably should have labeled the exits as +1 Level, +2 Level and +3 Level, instead of using -1/-2/-3, but it should still make sense.

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