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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rejected Monster Ideas

Huckleboars: Like regular boars, but when they bleed, the sweet smell of their blood attracts predators. Make wandering monster rolls every round. Their blood can be bottled and sold for 3-18 gp a vial, however. It takes one round to fill a vial...

Crack Horror: Mysterious subterranean creature that opens small fissures in the surface. When someone attempts to investigate a recently-opened crack, an arm or tentacle whips out and grabs the victim, pulling them in. Full exposure to daylight (such as by opening the crack wider) acts like poison to crack horrors.


  1. Rejected by whom? :) I think they're actually pretty cool ideas. I may in fact use the Crack Horror.

  2. Agreed... the Crack Horror is inspired!

  3. Rejected by *me*. Although yeah, I may go ahead and use one or both. I just probably won't tell my players the names...

  4. I like them both. Huckleboar's blood can be used to make particularly nasty traps...