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Friday, April 6, 2012

Stock This Temple!

This image from the OBI blog is apparently just a Scandinavian church, but doesn't it look like some fantastic temple out of a Michael Moorcock novel?

OBI blog: Borgund Stave Church


  1. I love stave churches. I would have them all be convertible into ships.

    Also, that one has "birds" like a Thai wat, which I think should have some in-game purpose.

  2. also also: you know these stave churches are all one material, right? No nails or tiles or anything, like they come from the elemental plane of wood.

  3. Clearly the place is besieged by bovines...it's the Cowpocalypse, a much more mooving experience then any old boring Zombie Apocalypse which churches (staffed by clerics) would be mostly safe from but that's a whole different cattle of fish.

  4. Awesome pic. Love the comments too.

    Richard, no metal means it's safe from the onslaught of magnetic elementals.

    JD, adventure hook, players go back to church for healing, clerics all cursed into cows, haha.