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Monday, May 14, 2012

Zine Re-Title

I was thinking over my plans for this e-zine, and briefly considered that I should be doing a zine about quick and dirty GM techniques instead of monsters, and call it The Last-Minute GM, the same as the feature I occasionally run on the blog. But then I decided what people have expressed an interest in, in terms of a zine or publication, is the monsters.

And in that brief window where I was considering the topic change, it struck me: the title of the zine should be The Last-Minute Menagerie. And the focus should be on narrow-concept monster lists for specific situations, like "exotic wildlife encountered on a hunt" or "parasitic infestations". Stuff you need at a moment's notice, sorted by need instead of alphabetically, geographically, or by hit dice.

That gives me a clearer picture of what I need to be doing.

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  1. That's got a nice ring to it and it sounds super useful!