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Monday, September 24, 2012

Attention: Google Hates You

Some of you may have heard that Google Docs has been converted to Google Drive. Which may be a fine thing, except for those of us who have been posting links to our blogs for years to documents on Google Docs. I just tested an arbitrary link and the URL now gives a 500 error. Tested another, it works. Google has changed the URLs of arbitrary documents.

Which means I now must go through and find every point where I posted a Google Docs URL and figure out what the new URL should be.

(EDIT: I just tested the broken link again, and it worked this time. Here's hoping you just have to "activate" your "new Google Drive service" to make it work properly. Please let me know if a download is no longer working...)

You know what would be a great Blogger tool? A tool that keeps track of all links so that you could update broken links.


  1. The links have always seemed to work for me. 500 errors usually mean something went awry with the server, so perhaps you just hit them at an awkward moment?

  2. The feeling is mutual. I think google is trying too hard to be all things for all people. I just hooked up with Google+ and must say I'm underwhelmed by it. A lack of help files or easy access "How to" type instruction just makes it frustrating.
    Google Drive wants 5 GIGABYTES of my hard drive. I only have 4 1/2 Gig free at the moment. Plus I don't know if I like having a portion of my hard drive "exposed" to the internet. Seems like asking for trouble to me.

    1. I doubt I will ever install their drive utility. I just use the online stuff.