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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Beast Master

I hinted at it earlier, and I've even attempted the class before... but here's an actual write-up of the Beast Master Class using the "without spells" template.

Concept: Seriously? You haven't seen the movie, or at least heard of it? It's a guy who can speak with and control animals.

XP/HD: As Cleric.

Weaponry and Armor: Only gets an attack bonus with whatever weapons the character starts with, plus additional weapons the character pays for training in (treat as spell research at one-tenth the cost.) Can use any armor.

Abilities: Negotiate with animals as if they were NPCs, effectively using the Cleric Turn Undead ability to command animals. Can also effectively cast spells on or through animals, using the higher of either the animal's hit dice or the spell level as the hit dice of the equivalent undead creature. Spell effects are limited to mental/emotional effects, plus the equivalent of Wizard Eye (see through animal's eyes) or Magic Jar (possess animal.)

Beast Masters can acquire animal henchmen if they are three levels higher than the animal's hit dice, but can't  have more henchmen than indicated by their Charisma.

Beast Masters can learn to transform into ordinary animals, but must quest for a magical animal of the desired type, or a character with the ability to shift to that animal form (treat as spell research, full cost, with target form's hit dice as spell level.) The roll to transform is based on turning an undead creature of the same hit dice as the animal or a minimum of 4 HD.) They can remain in that form for as many turns as their own level.

The Beast Master is one of the reasons why my Druids resemble a Magic User more than a Cleric. I wanted a distinction between the guy who has a knack with animals and a handful of powers and the guy who knows a lot of nature lore.


  1. Yesterday's game introduced a Triton character to the game. Her abilities were based on your Beast Master's, but only with sea animals. In exchange, she was given the ability of breathing underwater and no penalty when acting underwater.

    I'm curious how it is going to turn out in the long run.

    1. Sounds good! The sea animal limitation raises a good point. I probably would restrict Beast Masters to either land or water... or the spirit world, if you wanted Spirit Masters.