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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Last-Minute Hexcrawl: Demo Map III

The third demo map for the Last-Minute Hexcrawl zooms in on the town of Goskold and the area near it. Towns are generally too big for a local scale map, especially if we want to detail nearby points of interest, rather than boring rows of houses.

The demo map thus does not cover the entire two-league hex shown on the close-up to the left. It instead focuses just on the northern edge of the town and some of the countryside to the north, as well as the eastern bank of the river.

What we see are a rocky terrain intrusion, or rather two rocky terrain intrusions superimposed. The larger element is a field of medium boulders, while the smaller element is a huge outcropping of solid rock near the middle. One of the landmarks, a standing stone, coincidentally wound up next to the rock field.

We also see two terrain blobs that turned out to be cliffs or mesas. Since the other landmark roll resulted in a keep, I placed the keep on one of the cliffs, with a ramp leading up to it. Presumably, this was the original settlement established by the baron who cleared this territory. The town later grew up to the south.

I've already mentioned that the local map revealed a few more problems with the procedure. Particularly, the way the terrain modifications get placed.

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