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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Great Migration

Another big moment in internet history: Google announced that Google Reader will be shutting down in four months. So everyone's scurrying to find a replacement, which is pretty hard for those of us who have a lot of blog subscriptions and who sort subscriptions into folders based on priority.

Not every Google Reader replacement is able to actually replace it. Newsblur, for example, isn't free for someone like me. And PurpleGene choked on my subscription list; it said I had 600+ subscriptions, which probably isn't entirely true, but sorting through the hundreds I do have, URL by URL, to figure out which are currently active would be ridiculous.

Right now, I'm testing Feedly. It's one of those that syncs with Google Reader, which is a problem for some readers (because what are they going to do when Google Reader shuts down?) But Feedly has been expecting the announcement and already has a migration plan in place. But they had to add several new physical servers today because they, like many other web-based Google Reader replacements, have been swamped with people looking for a replacement. When it loaded properly, it didn't complain about my subscription list, although I'm wary about it silently dumping a post or two. This morning's news seemed awfully light...

So anyways, the real upshot to this is I've been spending more time hunting and fighting instead of writing blog posts, which should explain the lighter posting and shorter posts on my blog.


  1. I'm giving TheOldReader a shot; it's deliberately an old, pre-G+-mauling Reader clone.

    Really, the bigger problem for me is the difficulty I'm going to have in transitioning away from every _other_ Google application. See: if they can arbitrarily kill Reader, what's to say they won't similarly kill off, say, Blogger? So, I'm setting July 1 as a target date to transition out of every Google application/service I can.

    (Expectation: no replacement for Authenticator, and going from Blogger to Wordpress and Chrome to Firefox is going to be painful. The rest shouldn't be _too_ bad.)

    1. I figure Gmail will be next to go.

  2. If Feedly works for your giant blogfeed, let the rest of us know. Can't believe Google would just kill such a popular service. I mean, it's not like it's Wave or something.

    1. It appears to be working so far. Although yesterday it said I had something like 271 subscriptions, and today it said I had 263.