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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quicker Chases

Another take on Brendan's chases and my own chases from yesterday: it's not that hard to merge Brendan's dice idea and my idea of playing tricks or boosting speed. This still depends on the default idea that fast people usually win, so the traditional speeds still matter. However, instead of finding the ratio of speeds, drop the extra math and just roll 1d6 per base speed multiple of 6, round up. The dice aren't added. Instead, each die roll of 5+ either does a point of exhaustion (if pushing) or subtracts 1 from the opponent's speed. High score wins, ties are broken with a final dice roll (for a chase) or extend the chase one turn.

So, an overburdened character at Move 3 gets to roll a d6, but that character better have a head start and a couple tricks to beat any creature with Move 6, which also gets a d6. A Move 12 creature gets 2d6. At the GM's option, a Move 3 gets a -1 penalty to the d6, and a Move 9 gets a +1. Only use the base Move to calculate dice, not the doubled or quadrupled speeds that are used to judge distance traveled with jogging or running. Also, for a chase, don't bother to quadruple speeds for monsters or NPCs; keep their speed constant and let the players decide whether they want to risk tiring themselves out faster

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  1. I have been thinking a lot about chases lately (my own recent game had a chase that wasn't nearly as exciting as it could have been) and I like this approach. A simple combination of move action, encumbrance, and randomness. Cool.