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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Leech Class

I decided to take a stab at a Leech class. The one I recall had about four or five chunky paragraphs, one per level, listing conditions that could be cured. This one is a little simpler. Probably no player character will take the Leech class as a stand-alone, but as I suggested in the first post about Leeches, maybe a player will take one of the three Leech abilities as an add-on or "prestige" class.


Concept: Mostly mundane healer.

Alignment: Any, although why would a Chaotic type choose leechcraft?

XP/HD: As Cleric. Prime ability is Intelligence.

Weaponry and Armor: Any armor, but only trained in weapons purchased when character is created.

Abilities: Healing, prevention, and repair, in parallel to the abilities of a Thief (surprise attack, cleverness, and stealth.)

Healing restores 1 hit per level per injury and requires 2d6 coin worth of common ingredients (bandages, salves and such.) Leech PCs just list how much coin they've spent on healing supplies; for every healing application, roll the dice to see how much supplies are used.

Prevention allows recognizing safe/unsafe food, water, and conditions, as well as techniques for purifying, cleansing or sterilizing the same. Roll d6 + level; 5+ means success.

Repair refers to correcting effects of injuries other than hits. This doesn't heal instantly, but stops further bad effects. Conditions that can be repaired are based on the Leech's level:
  1. Bleeding (stitches)
  2. Sprained/Broken Limbs (splints and casts)
  3. Non-Fatal Disease
  4. Poison
  5. Fatal Disease
Cost of healing supplies is 1d6 per level of injury, x10 for magical versions of the injuries (bleeding from a grievous wound, for example.)

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