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Monday, June 17, 2013

Grapple and Other Special Attacks

Wait: I didn't post a copy of these grappling rules here? I thought I had...

Roll a standard attack to grab/hug/whatever, but the damage roll doesn't do real damage, it's used for an additional effect. 5+ on 1d6 means the extra effect happens. It's mostly a case-by-case ruling, but here are some suggestions for addition effects after grabbing.
Pin Limb
5+ on 1d6 means opponent can't move limb, otherwise the victim breaks free automatically.
5+ means opponent drops weapon.
Flails do damage and disarm; I'd probably even give a +1 bonus.
5+ means you and opponent are prone.
+1 bonus if your Strength is higher than opponent's Strength.
5+ means opponent (not you) is prone.
+1 bonus if your Dex is higher than opponent's Dex.
5+ means arms are partially pinned (restricted reach, -2 to attacks.)
Do 1 point of damage per round if your Strength is higher than opponent's Strength.
5+ means opponent passes out. Allows coup de grace next round.
Otherwise, 1 point of damage per round if your Strength is higher than opponent's Con.
Break Free
d6 roll replaces normal counterattack. 5+ means break hold.
Also used for other maneuvers, like getting up from a takedown while attacker is wailing on you.
Etc. If a player comes up with a reasonable explanation of why Strength, Dexterity, etc., should matter, the attacker gets +1 to the roll for having a higher score than the defender. Coming up with new maneuvers is really just a matter of deciding what other maneuver it resembles, and which stats matter.


  1. I like this a lot, I've got to say.

    One question on the Break Free option. If you're pinned, tackled, whatever and trying to break free, you roll an attack first, then the d6 to break free if the attack was a success? I guess that's not clear to me...

    1. Sorry, I didn't make that clear. By "d6 roll replaces normal counterattack", I mean that there's no attack roll. You're already in contact with your target, the guy who grabbed you. So you basically just roll a damage roll.

    2. No apologies. That is the way it read, but I wasn't sure that's what you really meant. Seems to me that breaking free of a hold/pin should require a bit more is all, though 5+ is only a 1/3 chance. I'd be inclined make this an opposed check somehow, but that does detract from the simplicity of it.

    3. The way I'd handle an opposed check is to give a bonus to the person breaking free if their Strength is higher than the attacker's Strength. I avoid having both sides dice at the same time for stuff like this.