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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Low Expectations

I had planned on cutting back on my posting, but I've cut way, way back, more than I planned, because of other issues going on. I debated whether to even mention why, since really it's not anyone's business and no one really wants to hear about some stranger's personal life, anyways. But what's happened is that my mother has acute leukemia and has taken a turn for the worse, so I've been preoccupied, and I expect it may take e away from blogging for some time.

But to make this more relevant to RPG blogging, I'll point out that it is things like this that have kept me from making hard promises up front, setting short product deadlines, or running a Kickstarter or other campaign fro various projects I'm working on. There have been a couple famous cases in the OSR where products have failed to be delivered on time or at all, because Real Life dealt the creator a crushing blow. I can't really blame them for that, but I guess I'm much more pessimistic and wary about making promises I am not absolutely, postively 100% certain I can keep.

I think I may have said a couple times on this blog "Oh, I guess I'll have this or that ready by next week," and then didn't finish on time. But I've never asked for money, or made arrangements with a publisher, or gotten other people involved in my projects with an expectation that the product is definitely coming out at a given time. I hate breaking promises.


  1. I am very sorry to learn of your mother's illness.

  2. I will be thinking about you and your family, particularly your mother, during this challenging time. No need to apologize for taking a break from blogging, you have no obligation to your readers, but we do have an obligation to our parents.

  3. What can one say? Best of luck. No need to apologize.

  4. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. Whatever happens I hope you and her and everyone involved stay together and give each other strength. We'll be around here when you feel like posting. Keep the faith.

    You attitude toward promises and delivering on them do you honour. Keep thinking like that and whatever time you do ask for people's money you will not fail them.

  5. Thanks, folks. I was mainly giving you all a heads-up on what to expect from me for the future, but I appreciate the sympathy I've received here and in email.

  6. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. And yeah, I don't promise anything for exactly those reasons. I've ended up working on 4 project simultaneously right now, and who knows when any of them will be done? (I should probably set up a rotating schedule...) But I don't owe anyone money, and without deadlines, I'm not late.